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Jim, overall great job! The only place I would focus on improving is in your coherence and cohesion. 

Your grammar has been improving over the last few assignments.

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I think the governmetn should pay for schools 100%. Schools are expensive but are alsonthe only way to get ahead in life.  If you don't go to school, you can't get a good job.  If you can't get a good job, you ghave a hard time getting buy.  And education shouldn't only be for rich people it should be for everyone because everyone should have the opportunity to be well-rounded.


I was lucky that my public shools were very good in my town where I am from so I got a good education.  If the public schools are bad. then maybe someone doesn't get a good education, but they can't afford private school.  That's not there fault.  If the government paid for schools then everyone would get the same education reagrdless of geographical ;ocation or ability on pay. College is even worse, everything costs money.  Living, classes, food, sports, clubs, you name it.  


I paid a crazy fee for my ballroom dance team and then had to pay to compete too!  That is not accessible to everyone, even with scholarships if you get them.  Even the state schools.  So then, instead of bad educaition, no education.  SO much worse!  We need to help people learn and grow or else we will end up isolating so many people and hurting ourselves in the process.  Education should be a right, not a priviledge. If the government paid for school, people would get a better education and get good jobs, which would increase the highly skilled workforce.  Then, the people with good jobs can pay the taxes to support free education for all!


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